Therese Bülow

Grid for Smoothness, 2023
Installation view, Galleri CC, Malmö, SE  —


Longing for another Tongue, 2021
Installation view —

Aluminum, stainless steel, belts, water, kønrøg (pigment).

Breeze, 2023
Installation view (Matteo Cantarella) and photo documentation of performance (Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, 2022), 20 min —

Performer: Faun Vium & Therese Bülow

Heavy lungs fill up the space. A set of wollen wings enter the space along with the sound of electric strings. A coat, four sticks in aluminum and lots of cable ties are the basis for a support structure that holds up the air.

Music score Mads Kristian Frøslev

Drypper, sveder, bader, 2022
Installation views —

Stainless steel, water, soap, rope, painted metal, insulation foam  


The Pointer Position, 2022
Video stills of performance, 20 minutes —

Formed by ideas of agility, the court spins around itself. New born paws walks for the first time. A map of memories. 

In between opening hours, other bodies inhabit this space. They follow routes from the woolen sweater folded out on the floor. They walk along the slash and see the neck opening as a place to rest. 

To make a string, to wear a sweater. The thread has never been single-stranded. In any thread, there have always been at least two strings that are twisted around each other. It acts as a guide here. They take care of all the others. They bathe them in water. They follow a choreography for body, scent, soap and aluminium.

Performers: Tringa Gashi, Nor Bülow and Olga Kristine Stage. Music by Mads Kristian Frøslev. Documentation: Therese Bülow

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